Obtaining a Curacao Gambling License

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Curacao Gambling License 

curacao FlagObtaining a Curacao Gambling License

– It is quite interesting to note that Curacao is synonymous to the world of on-line gaming. The country comprises of many exquisite facilities for on-line gamers. Located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, Curacao is everything a gambler or an investor would want! Unfortunately, very few people know about its existence.

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Obtaining a Curacao Gambling License – Where is Curacao?

Typically, Curacao is a part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. When it comes to policies or military defense, the nation is predominantly strong and well-formed. The island dissolved away from Netherlands Antilles in 2010.

This makes Curacao a new country in the world map! Conversely, a lot of businessmen were drawn into the country for its wonderful offshore jurisdictions and the Curacao Gambling License procedure.

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Gambling in Curacao

The famous Curacao Gambling license was formed in 1993. The licensure became extremely famous with the presence of e-Gaming in 1996. In its early years, the Curacao Gaming Control Board was responsible for redirecting all its investors towards the e-Gaming licensure body. Since 2002, the business of e-Gaming alias e-Gambling became a major source of income. This boosted the country’s economy drastically.

Though the original gaming control board doesn’t have any connection with online gambling, everyone knows it’s healthy presence. In fact, the e-Gambling control board collects taxes for the government.

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The Procedure of Obtaining a Curacao Gambling License!

If you wish to obtain a Curacao gambling license, the process is pretty easy. Initially, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce. Like in many other offshore jurisdictions, Chamber of Commerce is an important legal entity in the country. Next, you should fill critical applications and an investigation would be carried out by the Department of Justice.

The entire process can take between six and eight weeks. To qualify for the Curacao Gambling license, you must satisfy the following requirements:

1)      You should own a valid passport.

2)      You must not have any criminal records.

3)      You must make sure minors are not allowed to enter into your casino.

4)      You should display all information about gambling in your offline and online sites.

5)      A complete backup of customer and transaction database should be hosted within the country.

6)      Bank references to all the owners and shareholders should be listed.

Curacao provides only one kind of gaming license. This license is sufficient for sports betting, skill games and chance games. The master licensure is meant for the base company; however, sub licensures can be used to bring third parties.

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