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Basic Facts About Offshore Company in Cayman Islands

A lot of people dream of investing in tax havens and offshore destinations with plenty of business opportunities. If you are hunting for a successful offshore destination, Cayman Islands might be a good pick for you! There are plenty of reasons on why you must start a company in Cayman Islands – offshore company in Cayman Islands. It is undeniably a vehicle for your next biggest business venture.

So, why do people flock towards Cayman Islands for offshore ventures? What makes the place unique and idyllic for investments? If these are questions in your mind, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

Round the Clock Procedures

Do you know that you can start an offshore company in Cayman Islands in less than 24 hours? The procedure begins with the Memorandum, registration fee and the Articles of Association. These are three important documents that should be submitted at the Registrar of Companies. The name and addresses of your establishment should be disclosed too.

Once all important documents are presented, your company will become functional. These tasks require less than 24 hours to be completed.

The Directors and Shareholders

The capital of any offshore company in Cayman Islands would be the funds provided by the directors and shareholders. Some jurisdictions ask for a specific kind of currency. However, this is not an obstacle in Cayman Islands.

The authorised capital paid by each shareholder defines their liability and profit margin. As a shareholder invests more funds, their liability would increase drastically. And, no company in Canada has the power to issue more shares than the fixed, authorised capital. This amount has to be mentioned in the Memorandum of Association.

Offshore Company in Cayman Islands – The Benefits

According to standard laws and regulations, Cayman Islands Company has all the powers of conventional individuals. The advantages of owning such an exempt company would be the following:

    1. You are not expected to host shareholder meetings.
    2. You are not expected to have ltd or limited in the name.
    3. You will not be forced to pay heavy taxes for at least twenty years.

On the whole, many business owners opt for offshore companies in Cayman Islands for its tax benefits. You can save a lot of funds from tax, by investing on an offshore company in Cayman Islands. Meanwhile, the venture offers reduced risks, better asset protection, reduced maintenance costs and better privacy levels


If you wish to register an Offshore Company in Cayman Islands our team will be happy to help you there and provide you with more detailed information, you can contact us at [email protected]
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Offshore Company in Cayman Islands

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