Offshore ready made company

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Offshore ready made company.

One of the many services BRIS GROUP offers to its clients is a purchase of an offshore ready made company instead of registering an offshore business. However, why does one need to buy an offshore ready-made firm?

An offshore “ready made company” is a legitimately established legal entity in an offshore jurisdiction that has not led any activities since the time of its registration. Those companies can be divided into two types:

  • “Shelf companies”. Shelf companies – those that have been registered only recently and are ready to be bought.
  • “Aging companies”. Aged or vintage companies are companies with a history of a year or more.

Offshore shelf companies have appeared in the 90s when a company registration was a lengthy and time-consuming process due to the slow technology of those years.

In order to speed up the process for clients and save the time, companies have started to be registered in advance. Therefore, when a client approaches there is no need to start the whole offshore company registration process from the beginning. Even though the speed of the technology used has increased tremendously, time saving remains to be the main reason for choosing a shelf-company over an ordinary offshore company registration.

Offshore Aged or Vintage companies are usually used for the purpose of showing that a business has a history and has been in operation for some time. This can be due to various reasons: increased likelihood of signing a contract with investors; repayment or conducting transactions retroactively; increased reputation, trust and prestige of a company; attract customers and investors.


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Offshore ready made company.

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