Ready-made offshore company

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Ready-made offshore company.

Graph going up iconRegister a new offshore company or buy a ready-made offshore company – which is more profitable?

Ready-made offshore company. The registration of offshore companies in today’s environment is the best way to avoid paying tremendously high taxes legally. The question that often arises among entrepreneurs and businessmen is – what is more beneficial: to register a new offshore company or to buy a ready-made one?

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Let’s look at the major differences between registering a new of buying a ready-made offshore company.

An already registered offshore company has a specific name, date of registration, a nominee directors and shareholders. When an offshore company is sold the documentation set is transferred to the client. This includes the Declaration of Trust and the power of attorney with the name of the buyer or another who will manage the accounts.

A new registration of an offshore company starts when there is a direct customer. In this situation the customer can choose the company’s name and decide whether to use the service of nominee directorship or self assign managers and shareholders of the company. The offshore registration that has passed the whole process of incorporation will be available to the customer only after some time, not less than one week.

Thus, if an offshore company is required urgently, it is advisable to buy a ready-made company. If for some reasons, the customer wishes to acquire a ready-made offshore company straight after the payment, then it also makes sense to purchase a ready-registered company. If it is of a principal issue to the customer to use a certain name for the company, registration of a new offshore company will be inevitable.

In addition to this the client will have an opportunity to appoint its own executives and shareholders, and have the ability to agree on the text of documents beforehand, as well as a list of documents for the offshore company, including those that are subject to legalisation.