Registering an offshore company in the Netherlands

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Offshore company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe near Belgium, to the west of Germany. The government system is a constitutional monarchy. The Netherlands has a modern economy; it is the 5th largest in the euro area and the 17th in the world, due to the economic stability of the country and its memberships in organisations such as the WTO, the Council of Europe. Companies that were established in the Netherlands are recognised as onshore, and thus are not subject to tax exemptions.

The main form of registration of an offshore company in the Netherlands: joint stock companies of open and closed types, partnerships:

–  BV(Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid – Limited Liability Company ,

 – CV (Limited Partnership)

Another type of companies that is more common: holding companies. Despite the fact that the closed joint-stock company may not issue bearer shares, they have to perform far fewer demands on the financial statements.

The Netherlands allows nominal services to be used for directors and shareholders. Those can be either physical or legal persons. An offshore company must have an office in the country. There are no residency requirements for directors and shareholders.

In order to register an offshore company in the Netherlands you will need to have the Memorandum on the establishment, establishment document, as well as permission to register the company from the Ministry of Justice. Also it is required to submit documents establishing the identity of the beneficiary. All holding companies in the Netherlands are exempt from taxation. The minimum share capital of the subsidiary is 5%.

Overall, some of the benefits of establishing an offshore company in the Netherlands include:

• Ability to use nominal services

• High international reputation of the Netherlands as a member of the EU;

• No foreign exchange control;

• Register as a holding company;

• Infrastructure.