Registering an offshore company

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Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyFew Unknown facts about registering an offshore company

When compared against onshore incorporation, offshore companies have easy registration formalities and formation steps. This can be attributed to its business friendly regulations and relaxed legislation strategies. You can register an offshore company in few short hours! From the day of payment to your first trade, you can kick start offshore transactions in an effortless manner. However, there are few things you must remember while registering an offshore company.

1)      What kind of company are you prepared to form?

2)      How many people will be a part of your business?

3)      What kind of offshore jurisdiction would suit your business?

4)      Does your offshore company require additional services?

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore company

Four Impressive Features of registering an offshore company

The first two questions are strongly related with one another. Common countries that support offshore jurisdictions would be Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Seychelles and Cyprus. These nations consider offshore companies as IBCs alias International Business Company. They are similar to private limited organizations that have a management body with shares, directors and a discreet capital. However, these shares cannot be traded publicly. Here are few features that identify IBC companies:

1)      The company doesn’t go on public records. This is because the organization is governed by many strict confidential rules. For example, IBC can have both registered and bearer shares. However, both these shares cannot go public.

2)      IBC companies enjoy complete tax exemption. Only an annual fee that ranges between 100 to 500 USD is charged.

3)      International Business Companies are not expected to disclose any ultimate beneficial owner details.

4)      IBC suffers very little limitations! The trade is free to engage in many business activities.

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Six Wonderful Countries for registering an offshore company

If you are venturing into registering an offshore company for the first time, here are few renowned jurisdictions. The most common offshore jurisdiction and legal forms would be:

1)      Private Limited from Hong Kong

2)      IBC from Belize

3)      IBC II from Mauritius

4)      BC from British Virgin Islands

5)      IBC from Seychelles

6)      Private Limited from Panama

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A Quick Review through the Past!

When it comes to registering an offshore company, these six countries stand out prominently. Few years ago, Bermuda and Cayman Islands were identified as nations with many offshore companies. However, the scenario

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore company

What do you need when registering an offshore company?

You need to consider many aspects the procedure is simple and with us on hand to help you along the way you can rest assure that it can all run smoothly. The following points are things you should consider before registering an offshore company:

  • The location this is key when registering and choosing the best possible solution for you:
  • Features of the tax system in specific jurisdictions, is it an IBC? If so is the tax 0%?
  • Does the jurisdiction offer confidentiality in terms of the information regarding directors or shareholders of the company? If not are nominee services allowed?
  • Do you need licenses for such an offshore company?
  • What are the annual requirements, must you file annual returns, audits and accounts?
  • What ate the law for the registration of the specific type of company?
  • Do you require a physical presence?

Once you have decided the above points your almost there all you will require depending on which jurisdiction you opt for will be

  • Certified copy of your passport
  • Certified copy of a recent Utility Bill
  • Certified copy of a bank reference letter

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