Advantages of an Offshore Company in Delaware

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USA flagAdvantages of an Offshore Company in Delaware

Foreign business owners with lucrative ambitions tend to expand their horizons across various offshore destinations. This is a strategic way of achieving their profit margins and making it big in the industry. When it comes to offshore opportunities, Delaware has acquired an utmost level of fame. It is a strategic location that lets people from different parts of the world rejoice over its benefits and characteristic features. Citizens and locals admire Delaware for its standards, systematic rules and spotless regulations. With this being said, here is a quick insight through few interesting advantages of an Offshore Company in Delaware.

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Advantage #1 of offshore Company in Delaware – Safety

Firstly, Delaware will keep your personal assets safe and sound. It will protect your belongings from various illegal activities and political problems. Your personal properties will be carefully protected from civil liability. Of course, the level of protection will depend on where your business is being incorporated. If you don’t want to mess around with the safety of your business, you should understand more about the registered offshore location or work with a registered service provider in Delaware.

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Advantage #2 of offshore Company in Delaware – Distinguish

Secondly, your offshore company will be separated from your personal assets. There is a thin line between your company’s and personal assets. If you carry out business transactions without the assistance of a working corporation (or a LLC) you will leave your hard earned assets at stake. This is certainly a risk you should avoid and be aware off! Proper separation will help you safeguard your personal properties.

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Advantage #3 of offshore Company in Delaware – Plan

Thirdly, offshore companies in Delaware will let you take advantage of the judicial laws and statutory laws. These laws will help you pull together a neatly planned business. Delaware is well known for its business friendly features. If you wish to “go public” the smooth way, Delaware is an ideal pick for you. From low franchise fees to formation charges to franchise taxes to income tax; Delaware is predominantly cheap.

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Advantage #5 of offshore Company in Delaware – Peace

It is quite interesting to note that Delaware maintains a separate court for business-oriented conflicts. The Chancery Court makes sure the cases are resolved quickly and properly. The court exerts lots of thought on how to qualify, resolve or push the business forward in a proper manner.

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Advantage #6 – Affordability

Last but certainly not least, you can start an offshore company in Delaware without worrying about minimum capital needs.

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Other  advantages of a Delaware Corporation are listed below

  • Delaware is considered an attractive state for organising an offshore company
  • There are no minimal capital requirements
  • Delaware have no sales tax, property tax or tax on intangible property for corporations
  • No need to be resident in Delaware (for shareholders officers and directors)
  • A company can keep all of its books and records outside of Delaware
  • No state corporation tax on corporations not operating in Delaware
  • No name or address disclosure requirement for initial board of directors
  • Minimum of one director and shareholder corporate directors are permitted.
  • Corporation must have registered agent in Delaware but no need for business office
  • No personal presence is required

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