Benefits of RAK offshore company

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Benefits of RAK offshore company.

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyBenefits of RAK offshore company

Ras Al Khaimah, RAK is one of the best free economic zones in the United Arab Emirates and the benefits of RAK offshore company are numerous. Arab Emirates is a large country with a developed infrastructure and a variety of international services such as banking to major retail and logistics companies.

Benefits of RAK offshore company also include its prestigious name, therefore, you will be presented to the international businesses as a company operating in a business hub of a world-class, with a highly developed infrastructure and the best opportunities for industrial growth and development. At present there are more than 4,500 companies that are owned by residents of the 106 countries in the world.

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyTypes of business licenses available in RAK:

  • Industrial license

Permitted activities: import of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, packaging and export

  • Commercial license:

Permitted activities: Export, import, distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing range specified in the license.

  • The license for the services and advice:

Permitted activities: Consulting services in the field of management, finance, investment law, industrial development, marketing, and others.

The cost of setting up a company in RAK is slightly higher than for any other classical jurisdiction, but its advantages definitely outweigh the costs. Considering all the benefits of RAK offshore company many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs consider registering their business in this offshore jurisdiction.

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyThe major benefits of RAK offshore company include:

  1. High level of confidentiality.  The country is not a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and there is no sharing of financial information with any country in the world. Unlike other small offshore jurisdictions that can be put pressure on, RAK is one of the most advanced economies, which makes it difficult to change its stances. Information about the directors and founders are not available to third parties. Information is provided only by court order.
  2. There are no requirements for annual reporting or auditing
  3. Acceptance of registration of the company with 100% foreign capital share
  4. Substantial tax benefits, zero tax liability
  5. A company registered in the free economic zone will be able to conduct business around the world, other than to the United Arab Emirates.