Nevis Multiform Foundation

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Nevis flagAbout the Nevis Multiform Foundation

As suggested by its name, Nevis Multiform Foundation is a unique version of the standard Foundation, which permits the Nevis Foundation to serve and take the form of a functional trust, partnership, company or foundation. The Nevis Foundation is completely different from many other foundations and trusts. It is a creative inception that proves to be customisable, flexible and filled with original strategies.

Nevertheless, Nevis Multiform Foundation is a legal entity that completely different from all its creators.

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What is the Nevis Multiform Foundation?

By definition, the Nevis Multiform Foundation is meant for both charitable reasons and philanthropic purposes. In fact, some people rely on the Nevis Multiform Foundation when they have to protect wealth, plan realty investments, handle assets and take care of inheritance issues.

Also, the foundation proves to be extremely useful when confidentiality and utmost levels of privacy should be maintained in a corporate setting.

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Features of the Nevis Multiform Foundation

For a lot of investors, the Nevis is a holding instrument that promises protection for different assets that are intangible, real and tangible. This includes pension funds, corporations, art collections, shares, trusts, investment holdings and bank accounts. Though the prime intentions of the Nevis Foundation are several centuries old; most jurisdictions consider it as a way of increasing the portfolio of your services and products.

It is a direct adaptation of existing foundation laws that are improved and modified to be attractive, appealing and functional to potential clients.

Here are few principles of the Nevis Multiform Foundation:

1)      The foundation law guarantees to protect the privacy of the owners.

2)      By default, the foundation doesn’t comprise of any owners. This is an interesting feature that makes it appealing to clients.

3)      All assets of the foundation have a unique legal identify.

4)      The Nevis Multiform foundation enjoys many tax redemptions.

5)      The foundation is not allowed to be a part of business activities or regular trade. However, it has the freedom to engage in non-routine businesses and obtain profits from deposits, investments and sales.

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The Verdict of Nevis Multiform Foundation

The Nevis comprises of many advantages. What attracts most clients towards the foundation would be its no-taxes policy on any gains or profits. Also, you can convert, consolidate or merge corporate entities into the Nevis foundation. The foundation is here to last for a lifetime!

Additionally, you can engage in civil or commercial activity from anywhere!