The 4 main benefits of registering an offshore company in Hong Kong

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Offshore company in Hong Kong.

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyOffshore company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an island in the south- eastern part of Asia, near Taiwan. Until 1997, Hong Kong was under British administration, and in July 1997 it was transferred to China.

Many of today’s entrepreneurs and investors choose Hong Kong. It is one of the biggest cities in the world.

Hong Kong is also one of the best locations for offshore companies.

Most offshore companies require annual fees, but in Hong Kong there are a couple of additional requirements. For instance, it requires annual reports and verification of the financial statements of your company every year.

If you are a serious entrepreneur, or already run a serious business, company formation in Hong Kong is the best choice for you.

Thumbs Up for benefits of an offshore companyHere are the 4 main benefits of registering an offshore company in Hong Kong.

1. This is a simple and legitimate way to enter the world market.

Hong Kong – a global financial centre with a real business. There is not a place for just one-day companies to cover some sort of dark business and fundraising. In Hong Kong, there are real professionals, real bankers , real lawyers. Incorporating a company offshore in Hong Kong will allow you to work closely with the developed countries of Asia. The convenient location of Hong Kong enables an efficient trade with China, Japan, South Korea and other Eastern states. Hong Kong is also the country, whose protector is China. This means that your business in Hong Kong offshore will be protected from possible lawsuits from the EU and the U.S.

2. Tax exemption on making profits outside the country

Hong Kong corporations do not pay taxes on business outside the city.

However, even if your business operates in Hong Kong, you pay 16.5 % income tax. This is one of the lowest tax rates among “civilized” countries.

3. Lack of offshore status.

Choosing a company in Hong Kong, you eliminate it from the label of “offshore”. It is a place where active real business operates and it is not possible to identify an offshore company.

4. High level of privacy.

The register of directors and shareholders in the Hong Kong offshore is closed. Getting a list of participating members in the management of a company in Hong Kong can only be done by a court order. In addition, Hong Kong offshore allows you to use nominee directors and shareholders to maximise confidentiality. In addition, Hong Kong does not require to hold an annual shareholders’ meeting.

If you are interested in registering an offshore company in Hong Kong it is always the best decision to use professional services. We can help you to incorporate an offshore company in Hong Kong fast, simple and at a low cost.