Why should you register a company in Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong – the business and financial center

Hong Kong has always been open to a global trade and is now a very powerful business center due to its excellent infrastructure. It is the third largest international business center, as well as the financial center, behind the first two in London and New York, attracting companies and financial institutions from around the world.

Why should you register a company in Hong Kong?

One of the most efficient ways to help the development of your company is to take it offshore. However, if you are not ready to register your company offshore yet, we can offer you another excellent option – midshore incorporation. Hong Kong is not considered as an offshore jurisdiction, even though it has the benefits of lower taxation and flexibility. Hong Kong is often referred to as the Asian offshore or a low tax haven. Hong Kong is the best example of a jurisdiction with a possibility to register midshore.

Two ways to register a company in Hong Kong

There are two ways to register a company in Hong Kong. One is incorporation of a new Hong Kong company. Another is to register an existing foreign company in Hong Kong. Here is the list of main types of legal forms possible in Hong Kong:

  • Private Company Limited By Shares
  • Public Company Limited By Shares
  • Limited Partnership
  • A branch
  • Sole Partnership

Hong Kong companies have gained a worldwide reputation as being reliable and prestigious corporate instruments due to open information about directors and shareholders, obligation to keep accounting records, audit reports as well as tax payment evidence. Hong Kong is a popular destination for company registrations party due to it’s liberal stance on foreign investment and the simplicity of its’ corporate law requirements.


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Register a company in Hong Kong

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